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Taking a moment to enjoy the moments....

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Everytime Sunday came around would get a pit in my stomach knowing that the weekend was over, anxiety about the week started to creep in and it felt like I missed so many moments focusing on this anxiety. Why did my mind have to take those precious moments away from me? Why did I feel so anxious about things I couldn't control? It wasn't until I really asked myself, what truly matters? Why am I living this life? What is my purpose? From that moment on, I used those moments of anxiety to take a breath, remember that this moment is all that is promised and to mindfully enjoy it.

Then.....I went back to being anxious about the start of the week because who really can just NOT stress???

It took alot of time, energy and one step forward...two steps back before I was able to start to control those stresses. I had to choose whether or not to spend my day allowing my mind to travel to all I had to do or focus on this moment. I found that music, being outside and being well rested helped me to be more in the moment. I can't say I'm perfect and it absolutely takes a ton of energy to turn the brain off. But on the moments everything falls into place and living in the moment is possible....its totally worth it. #trueyou #anxietyisreal #thedeliberatelife

#findyourpeace #selfcare

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